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E-mail marketing packages

E-mail marketing packages

Digital postman exists in digital age. In this world you can not miss the unconditional postman, who without fail delivers your emails every day, helping you to spread your products, services, promotions and advertising campaigns on time and at the right time. The innovative part of the digital postman from Beplusmedia is that it not only delivers your emails but also designs and structures your message from the title to the content. We understand the importance of people read your emails and we know that transmitting the message of your brand will allow you to grow your business. For us, the most important thing is that your brand is the one everyone wants to know.

  • Do yo need...

    • Increase the reach of your services?
    • Create digital campaigns to your services?
    • Increase the traffic to your website, e-commerce or blog?
    • Increase sales in your e-commerce?
    • Seek new prospects to your brand?
    • Send clear messages?
  • E-mail marketing packages

    The digital postman

  • Problem solved

    • You will give a clear message to the audience.
    • You will increase sales.
    • People will know the features and benefits of your products and/or services.
    • You will create launching campaigns of products and/or services.
    • You will be able to create promotion campaigns.
    • You will improve ROI (Return of invest).
    • You will use a new communication channel.

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